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We have created a FAQ section to answer the most commonly asked questions.

Is there a minimum age?

Yes, you must be 18 years or older to participate in our Straight Line Aerodynamic Testing Sessions.

Do I need a valid Drivers License?

Yes, you must have a valid drivers license.

Do I have to be a member of IMRA to participate in a JBPG Private Manufacturer Test?

Yes. IMRA membership is $75 per year. All drivers must join prior to participating in an IMRA sanctioned testing session. It is highly recommended that you read the IMRA Rules to see which category your vehicle will be classified for.

Is there a Vehicle Tech Inspection?

Yes, and all vehicles must be inspected for proper safety gear. If you have any questions, contact JBPG prior to your testing date.  

What items are prohibited?

Prohibited items include but are not limited to the following:

- Pets/Animals

- Firearms

- Illegal drugs

- Alcohol

JBPG reserves the right to add any additional items to this list

Do I need to sign a waiver or Hold Harmless?

Yes, all drivers must sign a wavier and Hold Harmless Agreement.


What is the required safety equipment for testing?

All drivers must use the following safety equipment during tests.

- A SNELL 2000 or newer full face racing helmet

- A Nomex rated head sock.

- A SFI 3.2A/51 or higher rated racing suit, with Nomex rated SFI 3.3 or higher socks and underwear.

- A SFI 3.3 two layer or higher racing gloves.


Can I wear shorts?

No, long pants are required.


Can I wear open shoes?

No, full covered shoe wear is required.


Are passengers allowed in vehicles?

Only crew can ride as passengers for testing and data logging purposes.

If my car breaks down, what do I do?

JBPG provides a professional, on-site Tow Service, that will assist any vehicle that is damaged, or incapacitated during JBPG Private Manufacturer Testing sessions. A tow back to the Badging Office is provided by JBPG. Additional towing services can be arranged for all other Straight Line Aerodynamic Testing sessions.


Can I bring extra gas/fuel?

Yes, as long as it is in an approved container.


Can I be ejected from a testing session?

JBPG reserves the right to remove anyone from the facility. Ejectable offenses include but are not limited to:

- Violation of JBPG rules

- Any behavior deemed reckless or endangering 


Are spectators allowed at any testing session?



Is food and water supplied?

No, you will need to bring your own water and food for the day. We recommend that you bring use ice coolers.

Are catering or supplied food & drink options available?

Yes, contact JBPG and arrangements can be made.


Should I bring sun protection and bug spray?

Yes, we highly recommend that you should bring plenty of sun screen protection and bug spray. We also recommend bringing a hat. 

Are there on site restrooms?


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