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Celebrating the journey of Johnny Bohmer and the BADD GT on the way to becoming the World's Fastest Street Car with a recorded speed of 310.8 MPH (500.1 K/MH)

The Story of the BADD GT

- 2005: Johnny Bohmer purchased and began working on a brand new, 2006 Ford GT he dubbed the BADD GT.

        The Goal: To build and drive the world’s first street legal car to break 250              MPH in the standing mile.

- March 14, 2010: The BADD GT becomes the first street car to break the 250 mph barrier in the standing mile at 252.297 mph at the Miami Mile.

- April 24, 2010: The BADD GT sets an unofficial record of 267.673 mph in the standing mile at Miami’s TNT airport.

- June 16, 2011: The BADD GT sets the first official Guinness World Record in the

standing mile at the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility Runway.

- October 16, 2012: Johnny Bohmer driving the BADDGT breaks his own personal record and still currently holds the Guinness World Record for fastest Standing Mile Street Car at 283.232 MPH

- 2014: Johnny Bohmer sets his sights on breaking the 300 MPH barrier in a street legal automobile.


- October 16, 2017: While filming with Discovery Channel and Gas Monkey Garage, Johnny shows off the BADD GT to Richard Rawlings with a staggering 292.929 MPH run.


- December 09, 2022: Johnny Bohmer pilots the BADD GT to a top speed of 310.8 MPH (500.1 KM/H) making the BADD GT the

“World’s Fastest Street Legal Car”

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